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Sunday, 19 September 2010

Its taking a long time to get to Spain Mummy.

Day One
6.27am East Midlands Airport departure lounge.
After a 4 am start I am flagging. Miss L is very excited and has gone off to see aeroplanes with Daddy and Mr G. I am enjoying a rare moment of peace, although these moments do seem to becoming more frequent, ever so slightly. Thinking perhaps that we have turned a little corner with the kids. I may have spoken too soon and after three hours of trying to contain Mr G on our laps, we may arrive at Malaga slightly less composed. My OH is also being all hands on deck super dad in the knowledge that he has to abandon us part way through the holiday to return back to the UK for a work meeting. I am used to holding the fort though, little apprehensive but it will make a change to do it by the poolside in a bikini (bikini will probably be reserved just for hanging out at the villa as I have not quite seen off the extra half stone I have been trying to lose since Christmas).

Spanish time. Malaga airport. Miss L has "jet lag" and is trying to sleep on the floor and G has a second wind and is giving his teddy a ride around arrivals in his car seat. Both kids have been entertaining the very bored queues for car hire chasing each other round the vast space. Watching them reminds me that for them, their holiday has already started, and isn't dependent on collecting the hire car and arriving at the villa. We could learn alot from kids, I joke about this to the woman in the queue who says she would love to go for a spin round the room on a trolley. The desires we suppress as adults eh? Flight went well, ipad and peppa pig and supportive fellow passengers helped enormously. G only really lost it on the descent, at which point he was distracted by looking out the window. Car hire queue is slow and OH just told me we can't check in to the villa til 4pm. Still, another rare moment of peace while I blog.

Terrace outside the villa. I've had 3 G and Ts and the sun is setting. Villa is magical and safari themed. G slightly peturbed by the amateur art, especially the 3D fake fur 'lion head' over his bed, but enjoying sharing with Miss L and both are sleeping soundly now. Relaxed, happy and loving the sound of the waves breaking on the shore.

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