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Saturday, 25 September 2010

The Alexanders have landed

I have just woken up on the aeroplane. All is calm. Can't believe I am actually
writing that. Mr G has fallen asleep on his daddy and Miss L is watching
Charlie and Lola on the ipad. Amazing. My OH was just stroking the little
scar G has from catching his finger in a door in a hotel room in
Cambridge once and his eyes started to droop. Bingo! Payback for him
waking up at 4am yelling Mama I guess. Not sure what that was about,
he has proven to us this week he doesn't need to nap. If he naps he
kicks about in his cot til 8.30/9 pm wailing and demanding milk and
cuddles til he eventually gets bored and gives in. No nap and he is
catching flies by 7.15pm.
Sad to be going home. Had one too many g and ts last night and we tried to decide what to do about the old escape from suburbia
conundrum. Still non the wiser!

So I spoke to soon, the peace and quiet didn't last and we even had to move seats after a little accident. Very relieved to be leaving the plane.

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