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Alexander Residence: Sink or swim. Me, the kids and the Costa del Sol.

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Sink or swim. Me, the kids and the Costa del Sol.

the villa
Lovely morning playing and swimming followed by an alfresco dinner of pasta and melon which the kids wolfed. Just goes to show they will eat when its food they recognise. Felt like we were all in the swing of it. Next year we are definitely having two weeks, it takes a few days to get a routine and wind down. But still feel I have had time to think lots of things over that had been bugging me at home.
Sadly the perfect holiday picture was shattered by having to wave OH off from the door of our villa, to go to work. Felt very strange to be standing in sunshine surrounded by palm trees, rather than opening our door onto rain and a main road. God I could get used to it though! How cool to have the beach as your playground? Juggled both kids OK in the pool today, G seems happier staying on the side and Miss L can manage on her own with an inflatable hoop. Although G fell in the pool running round the edge. He had armbands on so came up v fast and I was seconds away. But made my heart pound.

Siesta time now. G has crashed, L is watching The Jetsons on the ipad. So glad we have it as even after years of being a media teacher a new telly totally throws me. The one in our villa is ancient and the satellite box is giving off tiny electric shocks. Didn't realise what was happening at first, thought I had pins in needles in my fingers, then I realised I was leaning on the sat box and it was vibrating and pulsing. Lovely villa, if a little low tech.

L: Mummy can't you work the telly?
Me: Just concentrating, give me a minute gorgeous.
L: We need daddy to fix it.
Me: No Mummy can fix things.
After ten minutes and a few shocks I gave up.

Miss L seems to be getting into holiday mood too, I think she really struggles with the change. She seemed to finally click today that the relaxing of rules means more than one treat a day but not every toy and treat that comes in sight. We realised last night that we had relaxed so many rules the kids had no idea what was what. Back to the old routine and they are just lovely. Blimey this holidaying lark is a minefield!


Both busy collecting leaves and flowers in Saucepans to 'cook' on the little BBQ in the garden. Got to lie on a lounger and read my book for 5 mins. Popco and co, by Scarlett Thomas. A really amazing read. Apart from the fact she is an amazing, engaging writer it is about toy companies, how they operate and the evilness that is marketing to children. So on both levels I am utterly hooked. In fact enough of this back to the book.
Before I do though, note to self - spend more time observing people in notebook. The way Thomas weaves these kind of observations in is brilliant. Read back over some I wrote in my notebook at the hospital with mum. Made much better characters than anything I could ever try and make up.

Determined I will get some sunbathing in while the kids are peaceful.

Survived a day abroad on my own. Got down to the beach and back with no tantrums. I swear they play up more when OH is here. Or I do.
They have been so good. Dead proud!
I even ordered our drinks in Spanish. Finally a waiter who seemed quite patient and willing to repeat things in Spanish for me, rather than buzzing straight into English. Will perhaps try food tomorrow, although the word for eggs is tricky and eggs have been the basis of all our veggie meals so far. My stomach feels so wobbly after only a week and a half of no exercise. Not a good sign, like I need to do sit ups every day for the rest of my life to keep the wobbles at bay.

Had a lovely bath and a face pack as I am 'home alone'. Still a little freaked out by being in the villa alone. Not quite sure how I will entertain them all day tom, although they are very good at finding places to hide...

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