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Friday, 1 October 2010

Can toddlers do irony?

I have been trying to pinpoint recently why life has seemed a bit
easier. I think just 4 and nearly two are both slightly easier ages,
(than newborn and terrible two or nearly three and nine months).
Miss L is really enjoying drawing. She is really good at it. There are
lots of skills she hasn't mastered, scooting, cycling and gross motor
skills have caused her no end of frustration. Her key worker told me
the other day in no uncertain terms that catching a ball is not her
forte. But she has always enjoyed fiddly stuff, my doll's house,
playmobil, drawing. What drives me mad is that she never wants to
draw with me. She will produce masterpieces at pre-school or when I am
not around. She came home from pre-school yesterday and made four
butterfly pictures. But if I ask her to draw a picture, normally for a
thank you or birthday card, she refuses. My OH reckons this is just
her 'artistic temperament'. In fact there is lots of artistic
temperament in our house and creative stuff normally gets quite heated,
too many cooks as they say. I thought it would be the part I would
most enjoy about parenting but I think I am just a frustrated kid. I
have to get on with my own painting and sticking alongside the kids to
stop myself interfering with their work. I watch other kids at
playgroups asking their parents to help them. Miss L would never allow
She's starting to play with drawing numbers and letters. She will let
me help with that, although coaxing her through the frustration that
goes with that is an art. It really took me back, I think I can
remember being her age and being half desperate to learn and utterly
frustrated with trying to coordinate brain and hand. But it's an
exciting new phase and I love it so much more than the terrible twos.
Mr G is picking up new words every day and starting to put them
together. It's magic and I should be writing more of it down. Last
night as he gave his last half hearted shouts of Mama from his cot I
also swear I heard him say 'it's dark'. He also says cuddle and kiss -
he knows how to pull at the heartstrings. He's recently mastered share
and please, generally ironically, while stealing food or clutching a
toy he has just snatched. Apart from it being lovely to hear him
speaking it's also hilarious.
Just trying to make the most of it before we turn another corner,
which might be less straightforward!

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At 6 October 2010 at 16:24 , Blogger Amy said...

It's interesting to look back sometimes and realise that the 'now' is much easier that it was back 'then'. I think with children with each day it's get a bit easier (until they reach 13 and it swiftly takes a nose dive!). My daughter is doing the whole drawing thing, I love the little creations she comes up with. Lovely blog, and I'm going to take a look at your camping one too now (once the boychild is fed) because are about to become A Camping Family so it'll be interesting to read your experiences. Keep up the good work xx

At 6 October 2010 at 16:37 , Blogger Penny said...

Thanks Amy. I read something recently about always trying to see the present in terms of how it will feel looking back. Good luck with the camping, it has done our family the world of good. Keep in touch and good luck with your blog too :) xx

At 7 October 2010 at 04:05 , Blogger Mum to Kit Kat said...

I love it when my 3 yo comes up with new words and sentences - there is something magical about them once they are over that terrible ones and twos...I have a 10 yo too (both girls) but I feel it was more learning first time and more enjoyment second time - become a pro now!!

Good luck and enjoy these beautiful moments - they do grow up so quickly...

At 7 October 2010 at 20:56 , Blogger Penny said...

Thank you for popping in! Yes definitely agree about enjoying it more the second time! Miss L totally keeps me on my toes whereas Mr G doesn't faze me. You are so right about trying to enjoy these times. I think that's one reason why I started this blog! Keep in touch, will pop in v soon.


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