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Alexander Residence: It can be whipped out in seconds

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

It can be whipped out in seconds

Around the time I discovered the campsite in Wales had messed up our holiday booking, meaning we couldn't arrive until four days later than planned, I received a rather fortuitous email inviting my children and me to see Mr Stink at The Lowry in Manchester, and to find out more about Dirt Devil vacuums.  A cunning holiday plan B formed in my mind.

We booked a campsite in Cheshire's Delamere forest, and spent the missing four days cycling, picnicking and on a day trip to Manchester.  We also gained a much needed Dirt Devil handheld vacuum to keep the caravan and car clean while we were away.  Best Plan B I ever saw.

The Event

Last time I spent any quality time in Manchester, it was Madchester and I was a responsibility free teenager. I fully admit that accepting I was now a 'mummy blogger', attending an event about vacuum cleaners made my heart sink slightly. But that was eased by a sneaky afternoon glass of wine and being relieved of Miss L, who took part in an art workshop along with all the other blogger's children.

So I met some bloggers I had been dying to meet for ages, and enjoyed a giggle over vacuum cleaner demonstrations. The team from Dirt Devil have a great sense of humour and pitched things perfectly. No one likes vacuuming, it's a fact of life, but these products make it easier.

Recognise a few faces?

The Products

I was impressed by the idea of the Dirt Devil Reach, which you can see James demonstrating above, because it can reach 13 metres, in other words no balancing it precariously halfway up the stairs.  Sadly Mr A won't get to test that feature out, as the Alexander Residence was given a Dirt Devil easy handheld to test instead.

Reminds me of the vintage Adidas sports jacket I had when I was 18.
  Still this came in very handy for us, we liked that:
  • It was light enough to facilitate child labour, the 4 yo loved using it.
  • It's cordless, and on a wall mountable charger, which means it can be whipped it out in seconds to do battle with dirt, or used easily in the car, or in our case the caravan.  It was a lifesaver on holiday. 
  • It kept enough charge to clean up the whole car or caravan.
  • The motorized turbo brush attachment made it more powerful than other handhelds we have used
  • The three nozzles managed all nooks and crannies and helpfully had their own storage holders.
  • It's red, and looks kind of like a space rocket
  • My only concern with this model, from a electricity consumption/environmental perspective, would be balancing making sure it was charged, with not leaving it on charge constantly although Dirt Devil reassure me the charge is minimal.  There are a wide range of Dirt Devil handhelds both with and without cords.  You can also find handy solutions to these kind of 'individual vacuum requirements' on the Dirt Devil website.  

    Dirt Devil are on facebook, the lovely James will offer you help with products on Twitter.  Products are available in Argos, Tesco, in other retailers, and online.  

    The Lowry

    I have a soft spot for Manchester, I grew up in Cheshire when Madchester was in full swing.  It always amazes me when I go back to see how the city has changed.  The MediaCity is buzzing, which as a Northerner, makes me very happy indeed. 

    The Lowry is an inspiring and unique venue, offering a dazzling range of theatre, music, dance and art events with great learning opportunities.  We were given a really warm welcome on arrival and suggestions for what to do during our visit.  While Miss L got stuck into a free Andy Warhol inspired art workshop, I had a brief look at the Pride exhibition. 

    Mr Stink was fun and just one example of the many high calibre shows and events the Lowry has to offer.  Slava's Snow Show is coming in October, a piece of pure theatrical magic, which I saw many years ago in Edinburgh, and can thoroughly recommend.  Or catch the day of free family dance workshops and a performance by CBBC's Alesha’s Street Dance Stars on Sept 3rd.  The Lowry is a truly family friendly venue where you could easily make a day of it.

    Thanks to Brazen PR, Dirt Devil and The Lowry for an imaginative and thoughtfully planned event.  Miss L and I had a fab time.

    Check out this Tots 100 blogger competition to win £200 worth of Dirt Devil goodies.

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    At 17 August 2011 at 07:23 , Anonymous northernmum said...

    Looks fun penny x

    At 17 August 2011 at 14:15 , Anonymous Planet Penny said...

    Hi Penny!
    My 2 legged dirt devils might have grown up and left home but the four legged ones create quite enough mess to warrant a hand held vacuum. Wonder how well it would cope with chewed up sticks, toy stuffing and cat hair though! Thanks for calling by at Planet Penny...

    At 17 August 2011 at 15:58 , Blogger The Alexander Residence said...

    Thanks Jane.
    Penny - this one is described as especially well suited to pet hair :)

    At 17 August 2011 at 22:11 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Did you meet Elsie Anderton? Gosh! how luck are you!
    Must admit hand held vacums don't do it for me, but you may have convinced me... but the events sounds great!

    At 19 August 2011 at 14:29 , Blogger The Alexander Residence said...

    Gemma, Yes Finally met the lovely Elsie!
    Vacuums don't do it for me either, but I discovered that in making my usual big din about avoiding 'All Things Domestic' I may have neglected to consider that actually there are products out there that could make life easier. You'd like the Lowry lots I think x


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