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Alexander Residence: What I am wearing today, plus 20% discount code

Thursday, 8 December 2011

What I am wearing today, plus 20% discount code

I read a great quote on the Cybher website about fashion bloggers:
'Fashion blogs may be written by insiders, outsiders or aspiring insiders' ~ Women's Wear Daily

Well, I am probably classed as an outsider, but after being asked to review something from the one stop fashion accessories boutique Accessories Direct, I may reclassify myself as an aspiring insider.  
Madrid bag from Accessories direct, scarf from cancer research charity shop, lipgloss and bangle model's own.
I find myself spending less and less on myself these days, and more and more on boring things like school shoes, petrol, food and swimming lessons. That kind of martyrdom does nothing for your self esteem as a mother.  In times of recession, buying cleverly is the way forward.  Buy fewer clothes, buy investment pieces and brighten up your life with accessories. They say in wartime and recession sales of lipstick flourish. Small things make a big difference.

I 'wear' my bag everyday, so I think bags are worthwhile investments.  It's always full of both my things and the children's things but I still want it to feel like a stylish, grown up bag.  I chose the Kate Benjamin Madrid bag as it has a shoulder strap, essential for hands free rummaging, chasing children or hanging over the pushchair handles.  It's well made and robust, so it won't rip at the strap seams when carrying heavy loads, unlike it's predecessor.

It's also big enough to stuff a few extra winter layers and kid's things in. The lining is light coloured fabric, which given the amount of nonsense my bag collects, and the amount of time I waste trying to find things, is hugely important.  Light linings are a much overlooked criteria in bag design, in my humble opinion.

My only complaint is it is perhaps a little more tan than I was expecting, but it still matches my main Winter coat, and as I recall, Trinny and Susanna (oh yes i know, my fashion gurus are dated) busted the myth that you can get away with just one bag.
The Accessories Direct site has some lovely bits and pieces to finish off winter outfits.  The bag arrived promptly and was well packaged. There are lots of good gift ideas too.  I have a 20% discount to share, valid until Tuesday 13th December 2011, just use the code FESTIVE.

I have my beady magpie eye on these bits of jewellery:

I love bangles at the moment,  I have one gold one I wear with everything and it adds a bit of glam to even the most ordinary outfits.
I also like these silver heart earrings with the birthstone of your choice. 

I am also taking part in What I am wearing Wednesday over at Transatlantic Blonde, a day late, but hey, it's such a great idea for a linky and it's not often pictures of me get taken.


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At 8 December 2011 at 20:51 , Blogger Melaina25 said...

Thanks for linking up! The link is open all week so no pressure on linking up on Wednesday :)

That looks like a good sized day bag or one I'd take down for a down/back trip to London. I always end up accumulating more stuff on flights!

At 9 December 2011 at 08:19 , Anonymous HonestMum said...

Oh you are looking fab girl! Like the bag!


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