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Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Miss L's Feeling For Snow

Miss L is learning lots of Beatles' songs at pre school at the moment.  Last week I nearly choked on my porridge when she started singing a slightly condensed rendition of When I'm 64 that went: 'When I get older, drinking some wine, many years from now.'  

I think The Beatles are having a bit of an impact on her.  She has been playing in the snow and making up songs about it.  I had my phone to hand and got it down roughly:

The snow fairy lives in your garden.
She will make footprints.
She will go outside.
She might go in your garden.
You might see the footprints.

I love it in your garden so much,
that's where I flutter about.
I can flutter about.
I can flutter about.
I love footprints,
I love footprints,
I love footprints today!
 I love footprints. I do!

The snowflakes fall down to the ground.
And whoosh and whoosh and whoosh!

We love...diddly do!
Diddly do...we love to.
We love...diddly do!

A little Beatlesesque but also reminds me a little of Winnie the Pooh too, when he goes out in the snow and sings 'How cold my toes tiddly pom....', or something like that. 

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