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Alexander Residence: Thoughts on starting school

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Thoughts on starting school

Miss L:  I am going to school.  I am excited.  At nursery they say to me 'L is going to school'.  They will miss me at nursery.  I am going leave.  I think everyone will miss me at nursery.  I need blue for my painting mummy.  What happens if I add this and this and this?  If I mix it what will it change to?

Big gulp, eyes well up.  How did we get here so fast?  Very excited though, she is going to love school, and she'll be so ready for it.  Still, ten months to go.  Hope the conversations continue to be as chirpy as this big smily painted face.  It's an alien by the way.

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At 16 November 2010 at 15:46 , Blogger Carrie said...

I know just how you feel. It is such a big step. That final transition from being your baby. Why do they have to grow up again?

Hannah is my youngest and she will start next year. I am kinda hoping her hair grows back by then. If not, then I hope everyone in her class thinks she is as cute, bald as I do.

At 17 November 2010 at 12:02 , Blogger The Alexander Residence said...

Hi Carrie
Lovely to meet someone else going through the same stage. I bet her hair will grow back thicker and lovelier, she has great fashion sense from what I see on oyur blog, so she will look great either way :)

At 24 November 2010 at 15:32 , Blogger Kate said...

Oh I wrote a whole article on this! - it's scary isn't it? Thing is it's usually us that are the nervous ones - they just get on with it!

At 28 November 2010 at 11:44 , Blogger The Alexander Residence said...

Will check it out, might need some advice over the coming year!


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