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How do you survive family car journeys?

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Alexander Residence: How do you survive family car journeys?

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

How do you survive family car journeys?

Want a little sneaky peak into one of our car journeys during our holiday in Wales?

Acupressure Sea-bands facilitated all this in car activity.  Normally, unless I am in the driver's seat, I get nauseous.  I have to stare out the front window, or everyone feels my wrath.  Woe betide anyone who needs me to turn round or read a map.  If I sit in the back it's worse.  But with Sea-bands on, I found I could sit in the back to keep Mr G from sneaking a nap too close to bedtime, by singing along to Rolf Harris and sharing Eskimo kisses.

Why the why why why did no-one tell me about these cool little wristbands sooner?  Like when I was pregnant?  They can also be used for morning sickness and cancer nausea and sickness.  Being drug free they are particularly perfect for children, cancer patients and pregnant women.

I have four sets to give away, 2 adult and 2 children's.  Let me know whether you want to win adult or child Sea-bands.  Competition ends this time next week, UK entry only.

What you get up to in the car on family holidays?

Disclaimer - Seaband gave me an adult and child set.  The kids don't really get car sick so they spent the holiday wearing a very funky Sea-band each as a fashion accessory. 

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At 26 August 2011 at 11:25 , Anonymous Mcai7td3 said...

Seabands?? They sound fantastic!! Would have been a good thing to wear during pregnancy, you're dead right!


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